Note: Arranged alphabetically according to surname within each year of graduation.


Geneva Reid, Women’s Romantic Interest in Prison Inmates.
Ashley Tiller, Defining mental health illness.


Taylor Hill, Mothering Competition in Online Social Media.
Hannah Hunter, (Un)healthy Eating and Judgements of Attractiveness and Personality.


Patricia MacEachern-Fee, Women’s Mating Strategies in Sex in the City.
Lindsay Vandewater, Women’s Dateability and Self Esteem.


Jany Blanchard, Men’s Coping strategies for Stress.
Brittany Cormier, Mating Intelligence in Women.
Laura Langille, Self-alteration for Mate Acquisition.
Sarah Radtke, Sexual Fluidity in Women for Allomothering (Doctoral student). 


Emily Beasley, Puzzle Solving in the Grey African Congo Parrot (Psittacus erithacus).
Erin Clahane, Anxiety and Mate Value.
Sarah Coughlin, Effectiveness in Women’s Pick-up Lines.
Curtis Jennex, Mating Strategies in Superhero/heroine Graphic Novels.


Nakita Archibald, Women’s Rivalry Due to Romantic Relationship Threat.
Melanie Duffy, Benefits of Same-sex versus Cross-sex Friends.
Shannon Neville, Hypocrisy in Relation to Infidelity.
Nungfan Puttummavong, Cultural Influences on Romantic Attraction.
Laura Robertson, Infertility, Infidelity and Jealousy.


Holly Marie Chapadeau, Effectiveness of Coaches in the Strongest Families Program. (co-supervised with Patrick MacGrath)
Kathleen Darling, Influence of Parents’ Relationship on Children’s Relationships .
Laura Mitchell, Self versus Other Perceptions of Mate Value.
Christopher Moule, Men’s Mate Preferences for Older Women.
Kimberly Moule, Components of Mate Value.
Allison Prosser, Introducing One’s Mates to One’s Parents.
Sarah Radtke, Female Sexual Fluidity. (PhD, Ryerson University)


Beth DeCoste, An Overview of Women’s Competition.
Maria DeNicola, Primate Spatial Cognition.
Sarah-Ann MacPhail, Students’ Views of Instructors Time Allocation.
Suzanne Melanson, Young Adults’ Experiences of Homesickness.
Sarah Shaw, Four Strategies for Intrasexual Competition.


Tessa Barrett, Men’s Facial Correlates of Sexual Behaviour.
Michelle Conron, Women’s Pheromones in Intrasexual Competition.
Randi Livingstone, Sex-based Ambiguity in Text Message Comprehension.
Alexandra Oleksiuk, Exploring Friends with Benefits.
Anita Reader, Romantic Perceptions of a Friend’s Previous Mate.
Pratheesh Thomas, Experiences of Guilt from Infidelity among Homosexuals.
Lisa Verge, Relationship dissolution in adult romantic relationships.


Jillian Aucoin, Adolescent Eating Disorders.
Shannon Flynn, Seasonal Variation in Adult Media Models.
Jennifer MacNeil, Mate Preferences Among the Blind.
Kenny Sullivan, Mate Preferences in Online Advertisements.


Chantel Burkitt, Parental Assessment of Pain Coping in Youth with Disabilities. (co-supervised)
Serge Gallant, Self-presentation in Online Personal Advertisements.
Courtney Kavanagh, Avatars in Online Environments and Mate Preferences.
Catherine Reeve, The Relationship Between Paternity and Provisioning in the  European Starling, Sturnus vulgaris (co-supervised).
Lauren Smith, Women’s Acquisition of Sexual Information.
Kerry Worth, The Morning After: Outcomes of Uncommitted Sexual Encounters.


Sasha Bennett, Gender in Relation to Competition in the University Classroom.
Amy Manuel, Sex Differences in Inferring Interest.


Angel McGee, Sex Differences in File Sharing Behaviour.
Kelly Sabourin, Family Functioning with Relatives with a Mental Disability.
Loriann Williams, The Impact of Sex, Sexual History and Relationship Expectation on Attractiveness and the Recall of Sexual Strategies.


Melissa Gray,  Sex Differences in Mental Rotation Ability: The Influence of Varying Levels of Abstraction.
Lauren Green, The Impact of Relationship Status on Perceived Facial Attractiveness.
Ashley Hoben, Sex Differences in Resource Allocation.
Deanna Lucas, Consequences of Female Derogation on Male Perceptions of Attractiveness.
Michael O’Connor, The Influence of Cognitive Factors on Program Comprehension: A Study of Novelty and Familiarity Across Gender.


Fiona Gordon, Competitor Derogation and Self Promotion.

Research Associates

Catherine Bourgeois, Men’s coalitional behavior and robbery, 2017
Julia Roddi, Tinder and the halo effect, 2016
Laura Robertson, New developments in mate value research, 2015
Stephanie Gauvin, Sex differences in pornography DVDs, 2014
Laura Hanusiak, Sexual health of Maritime students, 2013
Kimberly Moule, Female intrasexual competition, 2012
Sarah Shaw, Evolutionary views of normative behaviour,  2008-12
Lauren Smith, Gender and information technology professionals, 2007-08
Loriann Williams, Online personal advertisements, 2007-08
Ashley Hoben, Validation of intrasexual competition measure, 2006-07
Melissa Gray, Various projects, 2005-07
Meghan Walsh, 2006: Youth Education Program
Debra Lund, 2004-05